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What Type Of Musician Are You?

I was chatting to a young musician woman the other day at a bar explaining my philosophy on musician types. If you are a muso, what type are you?

Performer vs Creator
Imagine a scale with the performer on one end and the creator at the other. You might be one or the other or some shade in between.

The performer loves to perform, doesn’t matter whether it’s his/her music or someone elses. They love to be the center of attention and their fulfillment comes from performing for people to entertain them. Kind of like an actor/actress. Think of American Idol contestants and covers musicians.

The creator loves to write music. His/her fulfillment comes from the creative process, solving the riddle that each song provides, and the satisfaction from completing and then sharing their art with others. Kind of like a screenwriter. Think of any originals artist/band you know.

It’s interesting to think that the performer is motivated by external elements and the creator is motivated by internal elements.

Initiator vs Bouncer
You can then split creative musicians into an initiators and bouncers.

Initiators are the musicans who come up with no ideas all the time but sometimes struggle to follow through and complete a song. They provide the spark but not necessarily the fuel.

The bouncer can take an initiator’s idea, add to it, change it or help take an idea in a direction that can help complete a song. Bouncers may not be the best at coming up with the initial idea but they can certainly run with something once they are shown that idea.

Leaders vs Followers
Within a band situation, the leaders will be more outspoken and tend to drive the band with their ideas or plans. The followers are more carefree and happy to go along with whatever is decided upon by the rest of the group.

What type are you?
Have you figured this out yet? The reason is once you do, and you know what your band mates are, then you’ll start to understand the dynamic that exists within your band.

Each member can then fit into and perform a role that matches their type.

No more getting annoyed at that lazy band member when really, they want to contribute, it’s just a matter of figuring out the best way how for them to do so.