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James Hetfield interview on christian science

When I was in Wellington recently, I came across this building with the following across the front, ‘Christian Science Church’.

I thought about how that could possibly be since in my mind, Christianity and science contradict one another!

I’m glad I got shown the following video interview. In it, James Hetfield from Metallica explains how his family brought him up as a christian scientist.

‘The God That Failed’ from Metallica’s Black Album is all about his childhood experience with christian science and the difficulties that went with it.

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  1. Brad

    Just FYI. Christianity and science don’t HAVE to contradict one another. It is very possible to believe in both. I know that there are fundie whacko’s and rednecks out there who would have you believe otherwise but many Christians believe in evolution – hell it’s even accepted by the Catholic Church. And although there are fewer scientists who also believe in God, they do exist – such as Francis Collins, head of the Human Genome Project…

  2. Brad

    But you are correct in that Christian Science has absolutely nothing to do with science.

  3. M.M.

    Great interview!
    Wish there was more..
    I also grew up in Christian Science and it is completely alienating.
    You feel like a freak while doing your best to be loyal and trying to understand it’s crazy-making doctrine.
    Thanks, James Hetfield for sharing…

  4. Greg

    I am actually a Metallica Fan and was raised in Christian Science. I do agree that as a child it is hard to feel different than the rest of your peers, but now as an adult I am so grateful I was raised in christian science. It has helped me in so many ways in my life, including how to effectively pray about things.


    I like St. Anger album…

  5. Alex

    I was just now listening to the Black Album, remembering it from the old days. I loved Metallica growing up, and was raised in Christian Science too. I am so very glad that I was raised knowing about Christian Science. Learning about it has made my life so awesome and strong.